Live Webinar on June 22, 2023

Practical Use of ED-XRF in Quality Control in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

What spectrometers do and how they do it is often based on complex technologies. However, this does not mean that spectrometers have to be complicated to operate.

In most elemental analysis methods, results are displayed in percent/ppm/ppb. The user interprets these numbers to draw a conclusion or make a process decision. In many cases, however, the goal of the analysis is a qualitative result such as "Yes, this is the right material" or "This is (probably) material from supplier X."

In the context of quality control in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, this webinar presents a tool that enables such qualitative statements based on energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis (ED-XRF): the Ident software from SPECTRO Analytical Instruments. It offers users a sophisticated combination of speed, simplicity, flexibility, ease of use and analytical power. In addition, the practical application of the process at Merck KGaA in Darmstadt/Germany is presented.

Webinar content:

  • Introduction to spectra-based sample identification using ED-XRF
  • Practical application of the method
  • Live analysis of a sample with the SPECTRO XEPOS XRF spectrometer

The webinar will take place on Thursday, June 22nd, and will take around 30 minutes, and then we’ll answer your questions live immediately following.

Join us Live:

  • at 2:00 PM IST, 4:30 PM SGT, 8:30 AM GMT, 10:30 AM CEST (Time Slot 1)
  • or at 8:00 AM PDT, 11:00 EDT, 3:00 PM GMT, 5:00 PM CEST (Time Slot 2)

The Presenters

Dirk Wissmann is the Product Manager for XRF instruments at SPECTRO Analytical Instruments and is responsible for the strategic development of the complete product line including application development and product support. Dirk’s experience in spectroscopy began with his graduate work in physics at the university in Siegen, Germany. He moved to SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH in 1990 with assignments in quality control, training, application development, and marketing.

Robin Weiss is laboratory technician in filling control at Merck KGaA's solids plant in Darmstadt/Germany. Here he is responsible in particular for the support of the XRF devices. In 2014, he completed his training as a chemical laboratory technician at Merck KGaA. Until 2019, he worked in the particle laboratory with a focus on scanning electron microscopy coupled with EDS. 

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