Live Webinar on March 23, 2023

Pass/Fail Sorting — The Quick Identification of the Good and the Bad

Are you dealing with large batches of hundreds or thousands of steel parts? Use the quick pass/fail sorting option of SPECTRO's mobile/portable OES to ensure that all parts are of the same alloy or from the same batch. With results in just 2 seconds and little to no sample preparation required, you can minimize time and costs.

Register for our live webinar and discover the basics and possibilities of pass/fail sorting. We will demonstrate how effectively our mobile/portable metal analyzers can be used in this type of application and how to set them up for optimal performance.

This webinar will take place on Thursday, March 23rd, it will take around 30 minutes, and then we’ll answer your questions Live immediately following.

Join us Live:

  • at 2:00 PM IST, 4:30 PM SGT, 8:30 AM GMT (Time Slot 1)
  • or at 8:00 AM PST, 11:00 EST, 3:00 PM GMT (Time Slot 2)

The Presenters

  • Dirk Scholten, SPECTRO, Product Support for mobile metal analyzers

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